Σειρά προστατευτικά PS Standard Woman White

Αυτό το προϊόν είναι εξαντλημένο και μή διαθέσιμο αυτή τη στιγμή.

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Σειρά προστατευτικά PS Standard Woman White

Powerslide Standard Men set – when safety matters. Safety first!

The Powerslide “Standard” protection set for beginners and advanced skaters features a nicely designed big, flat cap and high quality shock absorbing materials, which guarantee the best protection during your skating activities.

The anatomically pre-shaped pads are backed up with a very comfortable to wear textile lining.

The cotton sock sleeve and elastic Velcro straps tighten the protector well and keep them perfectly in place.

The combination of a hard and rigid cap and high density foam materials provides best protection.

The Powerslide PS-Standard set is a safe buy and must have for all skaters.

*** The colors are a little bit darker ***





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