Chubby Wheels

Γυαλόχαρτο Chubby Tentaskull Griptape


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Γυαλόχαρτο Chubby Chubby Tentaskull Griptape Green

Ένα γυαλόχαρτο της Chubby που ταιριάζει σε όλα τα πατίνια για κόλπα (freestyle scooters) σε πολύ οικονομική τιμή.


  • Πλάτος: 12.7cm (5″)
  • Μήκος: 55.9cm (22″)
  • Βάρος: 60g


Chubby Wheels

Freestyle scooter company presenting unique and fresh designs since 14', Bringing MaGiKal whippin - Shred with style. Chubby Wheels design scooter wheels, grip tape, forks, bars and other accessories with a deliciously unique style! Chubby Scooters are most well known for the doughnut designs on the wheels, headsets and griptape. Their scooter accessories are too sweet to turn away. Give it a taste today.
Chubby Wheels