Πατίνι Crisp Inception 2019 Stunt Blue



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Πατίνι Crisp Inception 2019 Stunt Scooter Blue

Crisp has really hit the nail on the head with this complete pro scooter setup – the inception 2019 edition. Available in some seriously fresh looking color combinations and based on their previous models but updated and strengthened. If you prefer standard proportions and a bar that is easy to spin then the inception scooter is for you. Perfect for rookies and built with good parts.

Crisp has developed all individual hardware parts over a long period of time making them great without making them too expensive. Youngsters just picking up trick riding on pro scooters will instantly feel at home on the inception

  • Height: measured from the ground to the top of the bar – 81 CM
  • Weight: 3,85 kg
  • Deck: 6061 Aluminium , 495mm L X 114mm W (19.5″ X 4.5″) , Integrated Headset
  • Bar: CR-MO 4130 , 560MM * 510mm Regular
  • Fork: Aluminium 6061 T6 | Treadless
  • Clamp: ALU Double CNC
  • Wheels: 110MM X 24MM | ALU CORE | SPOKED | 88A | ABEC-9
  • Brake: FLEX FENDER
  • Total Height : 80-84 Cm
  • Compression Type :IHC (Mini HIC)
  • Wheel Diameter : 110mm




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