Contigo is an American brand of travel and coffee mugs, water bottles and kids.

Let’s be honest: there are already so many challenges in our lives, drinkware shouldn’t be one of them. Spills on your papers due to fallen bottles, a stain on your clothes because of a clumsy nozzle, being unable to open your bottle with one hand while you’re multitasking or even –imagine the horror – cold coffee. At Contigo, we’ve had enough of it! That’s why a team of our researchers is tackling this challenge since 2004. We present you an extensive range of drinkware that answers all of the above problems. How? Contigo is the global market leader in branded drinkware on the go. Our strategy is to focus on innovation in order to raise your comfort. Our patented technology was developed to offer you a durable solution for everyday struggles, Contigo revolutionizes the world of drinkware.

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